Smart Buildings Certificate

Building Operators will be able to identify the systems that are driven by smart buildings and the resulting implication on building operations.  An understanding of the integration of these systems under the control of a central system will be provided in relationship to how it improves tenant comfort, building operational efficiency, and a reduction in energy demand. Security implications of the system will be discussed as well as the need to be able to manage the buildings systems in the event of emergency without system controls.

Self-paced Interactive Learning

The BOD Smart Buildings Certificate is comprised of 11 modules:

  • Module 1 : What is a Smart Building?
  • Module 2 : Key Elements of a Smart Building
  • Module 3 : On-Premises and Cloud Architectures  
  • Module 4 : Converged Network Architectures
  • Module 5 : IoT Sensors and Smart Building Infrastructure
  • Module 6 : Integration Paths
  • Module 7 : Cyber Security
  • Module 8 : Data Privacy and Compliance
  • Module 9 : Platform Maintenance
  • Module 10 : Maintaining Smart Building Status
  • Module 11 : BIM and Digital Twins

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