About PMIC

The Property Management Institute of Canada established in 1974 as Building Owners Managers Institute of Canada was renamed & rebranded in 2020, is an organization focused on creating and delivering timely and engaging professional development content for the commercial real estate sector within Canada and abroad. We utilize modern, innovative eLearning technologies that effectively respond to the evolving needs of professionals involved in building operations, as well as property and facility management.

PMIC’s Vision: Educate. Inform. Advance.

We will achieve our vision by creating value through our professional development programs while providing ongoing opportunities to share insights, information, and market updates. Our purpose is to:

Be recognized as a true industry thought leader delivering unparalleled educational content and professional development that meets the current and future needs of the commercial real estate sector.

Develop relevant and informative eLearning content in collaboration with a diverse group of industry professionals, consultants, and associations.

Present eLearning content in an engaging, interactive, and modern fashion utilizing the latest in eLearning technologies and delivery platforms.

Position building operations as a viable occupation and career path, establish an industry recognized baseline standard and improve the overall competencies of building operators through our Building Operator Designation (BOD) Program.

Continually research, create and deliver career development programs for real estate professionals beyond our initial building operator focus.

Remain transparent and all-inclusive as we develop programs that will benefit the entire commercial real sector.

PMIC is an independent, federally incorporated non-profit educational charity with oversight of the management of the Institute resting with a Board of Directors. Our Directors are selected from across Canada and are reflective of individuals dedicated to the education and professional development of the Commercial real estate sector in Canada.

For additional information on the PMIC, please contact us here.